Navy starts the new year by pinging in the pool

January 16, 2016 – Navy (US? Canada?) starts the new year by pinging in the pool: “With transient killer whales in the area and the whereabouts of J and L pods (and their many newborns!) unknown, we [scientists] were concerned to hear that active sonar was utilized late in the morning on Wednesday, January 13, in Haro Strait — critical habitat for species in both Canada and the U.S. At the same time, military training activities were planned or taking place on both sides of the border.”

Listen to a recording of this sonar and see ship tracks, acoustic analyses and more here.

UPDATE March 2016:  US Navy admitted the sonar came from its ships. This March 26 article in the Kitsap Sun explains: “Will new guidance reduce hearing loss in whales and dolphins?Significance: There’s a new controversy over the potential injury to marine mammals from sounds transmitted in the water. Here is that proposed guidance


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