Analysis of Navy EIS – Northwest Training and Testing

Freelan_SalishSea_125 From WWU

June 16, 2016 – The West Coast Action Alliance is publishing its Analysis and Notes on the Navy’s Northwest Training and Testing EIS along with other documents:

The Navy’s Incidental Take of Marine Mammals and Endangered Species in Pacific Northwest Waters: An Analysis

and a chart adding up the numbers in four corners of the North Pacific Ocean: Takes by Species of Marine Mammal

To read the Navy’s EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) in sections, click here.

Can anything be done about noise and marine mammals? Yes. Read about NOAA’s “Ocean Noise Strategy Roadmap” summarized in this New York Times article and show your concern by sending comments to: Your subject line should say “ONS Roadmap Comments” and email your comments until July 1, 2016. Include any citations to scientific literature you know of, as this is a search for information, too.

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