Comment Letters

Comment Letters – organizations and individuals, in chronological order

2018 – On the Navy’s plans to conduct SEALs covert combat training along 265 miles of shoreline and numerous state parks: West Coast Action Alliance – Olympic Forest Coalition joint comment letter.

2017 – On the Navy’s Growler Draft Environmental Impact Statement: West Coast Action Alliance – Olympic Forest Coalition joint comment letter.

2016 – City of Port Townsend’s request to expand the “Area of Potential Effect” from noise impacts to include historic structures within City limits.

On the Navy’s poor communication with the public:

2015 (October): Joint Memorandum from West Coast Action Alliance and Olympic Forest Coalition (serves as defacto comment letter upon Navy’s October 2 declaration of no comment period for a Final EIS on Northwest Training and Testing.)  Cover letter to Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy. Joint Memorandum containing details of complaint. Navy’s dismissive reply letter (a mass mailing.)

2015 (August): West Coast Action Alliance/Olympic Forest Coalition Open Letter to Navy.

On concerns about electromagnetic radiation

2015 – Dr. Martin Pall, Washington State University – letter to Navy.

On the Navy’s impacts to World Heritage designation of Olympic National Park:

2015: Letter from UNESCO to US Ambassador.

On the Navy’s plans for building a new pier in Port Angeles Harbor (Clallam County) for its submarine escort vessels. Comment period ended February 25, 2015:

2015:  Comment letter from Protect the Peninsula’s Future

On the Navy’s Joint Land Use Study, which specifically directs planners to include “explosives, safety quantity distances from ammunition storage that may affect land outside the base, external radio frequency interference, and electromagnetic radiation effects on adjacent land.”

2015: Comment letter from the Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action, on the Navy’s doubling of the amount of explosive material and the expansion of the blast zone into residential areas in Kitsap County.

On the Navy’s Supplemental Draft EIS, regarding increased sonar, sonobuoy and explosive activity plus more and longer bridge closures, more boardings of private vessels, and more 1-hour notices to leave areas of Naval activity. Comment period closed February 2, 2015:

2015 – Combined comment letter from 24 concerned groups

2015 – Carol Van Strum comment letter to Navy

2015 – Ron Richards comment letter to Navy

On the Navy’s Scoping for Growler jet operations; comment period ended January 9, 2015:

2015 – Sierra Club comments on Growler Jet Operations Scoping

2015 – Karen Sullivan comment letter to Navy

On whether the Forest Service should issue a permit to the Navy to use its roads with electromagnetic radiation emitters; comment period ended November 28, 2014:

2014 – Protect the Peninsula’s Future comments to Forest Service 

2014 – David Spring on northern spotted owl population comments to Forest Service

2014 – Mendocino County Letter to Editor opposing Navy EWR

2014 – Olympic Peninsula Environmental News comments to Forest Service

2014 – Sierra Club Addendum to Oct 28 comments to Forest Service

2014:  National Park Service comment letter  (NOTE: This one is from a government agency; it is also posted here because the points made are so compelling.)

2014 – FSEEE (Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics) comments to Forest Service

2014 – Seattle Audubon comments to Forest Service

2014 – FSEEE Supplemental comments to Forest Service

2014 – Olympic Park Associates comments to Forest Service

2014 – Sierra Club comments to Forest Service on Special Use Permit

2014 – FSEEE more comments to Forest Service

2014 – Citizens of Ebey’s Reserve comments to Forest Service

2014 – Carol Van Strum comments to Forest Service

2014 – Karen Sullivan comment comments to Forest Service

On the Navy’s September 2014 Environmental Assessment: No comments from elected officials, tribes or individual members of the public were received by the Navy because the public was unaware of the process until after the Navy closed its 15-day comment period. In less than two months, more than 3,300 public comments, 99.9% opposed, poured into the Forest Service about this.

On the Northwest Training Range Complex EIS/OEIS (The “O” is for Overseas). This was a predecessor to the 2015 EIS called “Northwest Training and Testing.”

2009 – Natural Resources Defense Council letter to Navy objecting to “piecemealing” of issues into separate public processes

2009 – Carol van Strum comment letters (multiple) to Navy. (these address use of depleted uranium in marine environments among other issues) Word version   PDF version

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